Goldsmiths to host international coding conference

CodingGoldsmiths is set to host a gathering of cutting-edge technology experts and enthusiasts at the fifth annual LLVM Conference from 13-14 April 2015.

LLVM – a core component which is used to construct, optimise and produce intermediate or binary machine code and Clang, the LLVM C++ compiler – is used by developers across the world.

Released under the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License, LLVM is now used by everyone from amateur coders creating simple apps, to Apple, as an integral part of their latest development tools for Mac OS X and iOS.

Over two days, conference speakers will present the latest issues, developments and applications in the LLVM world, and help strengthen the network of LLVM developers and users through discussion, networking and workshops.

Sponsored by Google, ARM and others, the LLVM Conference will be held at Goldsmiths for the first time.

The event will be hosted and chaired by Andy Thomason, a specialist in game programming and compiler theory and lecturer on the MSc in Computer Games and Entertainment. Students from the Department of Computing will be showing their work over the course of the event.

The event is open to all, from industry or academia, professional or enthusiast.

The material will cover a broad spectrum of themes and topics at various depths, from the technical deep-diving to the surface-scratching.

Registration is now open at £60.00 for two-day entry.

For more information, visit their website.

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