Guest Post: The Queen Mother

The Queen Mother and You

Calling all 1JKeeble970s Goldsmiths graduates!

Do you remember when we had the degree ceremonies at The Royal Albert Hall? The Queen Mother was Vice Chancellor and I remember walking across to curtsey in front of her when I was awarded my BEd (Hons) in 1973. Unfortunately, Goldsmiths’ Archivist does not have photos of any of those ceremonies, so I was hoping some of you might!

I have recently retired after many years in education, making good use of my Goldsmiths degree. My only photos of my graduation day are a couple of blurry ones taken by my father outside The Royal Albert Hall.

So, it is over to you! Please contact the Development and Alumni Office if you have any images with The Queen Mother at the ceremonies, which they will forward onto to me for my own family history archive and share with the alumni community.

Many thanks for your help.

Guest post by June Keeble (BEd Education with Art and Design, 1973).

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