Alumna exhibition at King’s College London

Lola Frost (PhD Fine Art, 2007) will be exhibiting Going South at King’s College London, Somerset House East Wing. This will be her concluding event as Leverhulme Artist in Residence in the Department of War Studies, King’s College London.

Exhibition: Going South

Venue: King’s College London, Somerset House East Wing, Level 2

Date: 4 – 30 June 2015

Time: Open daily from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm


The phrase ‘going south’ has at times been colloquially figured in the North, as going down under, down on, cashing out, markets headed south, towards a worse position… off the map. This Going South exhibition challenges such stereotypes and inaugurates a project which has and will, reference landscapes from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

This exhibition consists of a set of paintings which speak to a radiant and subversive nether and inner world. The paintings in this Going South exhibition open up a precarious space in which viewers are invited to take the risk of creative interpretation and perhaps finding themselves down ‘where the Iguanas play’ and of attuning to a different world order.

Throughout this residency, Lola has engaged with students and scholars in the Department of War Studies on the productive possibilities of aesthetic risk, as a riposte to the ubiquity of risk management values in modernity. Find out more about her residency.

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