Annual Fund 2015

crop_annual_fund_blackFollowing this year’s successful phone campaign, the Annual Fund Panel met on 26 June to review applications to the fund and decided which projects to support. Of the 26 applications this year, nearly all were supported, while those that did not fit the Annual Fund criteria were encouraged to seek funding from other sources.

A total of £28k was disbursed to diverse projects such as:

  • £1,000 towards training and development to empower students with disabilities to assist and support each other;
  • £1,440 to fund a year-long Literature Live reading series, which gives Goldsmiths Creative Writing students the opportunity to showcase their work alongside invited professional guests;
  • £2,788 towards exercise mats for our martial arts, gym and cheerleading clubs;
  • £990 for a Fine Arts project entitled ‘A Place Called Home’ – a two-day workshop based on the findings of a year-long research project that looked at the phenomenon of mimicry or copying in current Chinese residential architecture;
  • £500 for the Moth Haiku Workshops – an experimental collaboration between Goldsmiths, the Laurence Sterne Trust in Yorkshire and Yamanashi Prefecture University in Japan, that concerns the underlying intellectual and formal principles when writing haiku, taking inspiration from the moth;
  • £10,000 ring-fenced for the Student Support Fund, to be targeted on specific project proposals, which will include support for care leavers and Black History month, amongst other projects.

The Annual Fund will be open to applications again in the new term and the Panel will meet to disburse a second round of funds in early November.

We are extremely grateful to all alumni whose support for the Annual Fund enables our current students to make the absolute most of their time studying at Goldsmiths.

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