Alumni named Emerging Talent in Wallpaper*

Very Kind Invention, co-founded by Petchpisut Assarasakorn (MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship, 2011), Thiyaporn Panikbutr (MA Cross Sectoral and Community Arts, 2011), Attanon Wongluang (MA Design: Critical Practice, 2011) and Lisa Nantatermare, have been named Wallpaper* Design of the Year 2015 Emerging Talent.


While pursuing their higher education in London, the four friends worked with SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand and Thailand’s Department of Export Promotion to curate a reconceptualisation of Thai textile and raise awareness of Thailand’s woven textiles. Remake Remodel, which was Petchpisut’s MA final project, took place at the Serpentine Gallery and launched Very Kind Invention, a creative consultancy experienced in visual communication, experience design, space management and content development.

In 2011, the group returned to Thailand and helped create Film on the Rocks Yao Noi, an independent film festival curated by Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Tilda Swinton. Inspired by the local wise villagers, the group determined to devote their creativity, skill and knowledge for the good of their motherland.

Now based in both Bangkok and London, Very Kind Invention allows the four friends to integrate their different backgrounds and educations to create works that are kind to people of all ages, the environment and the world itself.

Very Kind Invention strongly believes that kind aesthetic in creative work can help shape positivity in people’s mind and the right kind of creativity should be ones that can create a better world.

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