Alumna wins #hostwriterPrize 2015

Caroline von Eichhorn (MA Art and Politics, 2012) along with fellow writers Lu Yang and Christoph Behrens won the #hostwriterPrize 2015.

The team in Shanghai
Their story began when Caroline and Christoph travelled to China and contacted several colleagues on the ground via hostwriter, a network that connects journalists around the world. Lu Yang, based in Shanghai, replied immediately and over a coffee, Lu tells them that in 2015 many concerts and festivals, particularly in the heavy metal scene, were cancelled. This was the start of a collaborative research that led them deep into China’s mosh pit.

Together the team interviewed festival organisers, musicians, fans and an employee of the Inferno, the only Metal bar in China. By harnessing their cross-border knowledge, particularly Lu’s local knowledge, Caroline and Christoph were able to get into the heavy metal scene and the outcome, Heavy Metal: Too Loud for Chinais a riveting piece on the Chinese government’s war on heavy metal, where musicians and fans are harassed and viewed as disturbing the ‘Chinese Dream’.

Caroline is journalist and author based in Munich. She studied MA Art and Politics at Goldsmiths, University of London and Communications Design at Munich University of Applied Sciences. Her areas of interest are culture, society and the Internet with her works exhibited at festivals including the Arts Electronica in Linz and museums including the Museum of London. She also teaches young people in filmmaking.

Read the original announcement.

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