Goldlink 43

The latest edition of Goldlink, your alumni magazine, is now available online. You should receive it in your letterbox in the upcoming weeks.

This issue includes an interview with comedian and author Julian Clary (BA Drama and English, 1983).

Also in this edition, we meet the Groundnut, a south London supper club organised by Duval Timothy, Jacob Fodio Todd (BA Politics with Economics, 2009) and Folayemi Brown (BA English, 2013).

Jess Perriam from the Department of Sociology also asks what are we really criticising when we bemoan the selfie stick: a lack of self-awareness from those using them, or an envy of the fun they appear to be having.

The magazine shares news from alumni and staff from the following departments: Anthropology, Art, Computing, Design, English and Comparative Literature, History, Media and Communications, Politics, Sociology, Theatre and Performance and Visual Cultures.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue!

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