Last chance to host an event where you are

We are delighted to announce that following the success of Around the World in 7 Days in 2015, we will be repeating this exciting global event series in 2016, in even more locations.

To help us with this ambitious task, we have new Alumni Ambassadors on board who will be joining us to celebrate the Goldsmiths community, from Dubai to Los Angeles.

Shelaagh FerrellGathering alumni together in Los Angeles for the first time is British actress, singer, film producer and writer Shelaagh Ferrell (MA Drama: The Process of Production, 1996). Dan SawneyHaving moved to LA in 2010, Shelaagh is looking forward to planning a reception for alumni based in California and discovering more about who her local alumni are. Shelaagh will be joined in organising an event in Los Angeles by San Francisco based Alumni Ambassador, Dan Sawney.

Jessica RamseyJessica Ramsey Loy (MA Arts Administration and Cultural Policy, 2008) is representing Goldsmiths in the Middle East and hopes that an event in Dubai will bring together alumni living and working in the region. Jessica works in advertising and has found that a new wave of emerging arts and creative industries in Dubai are gradually changing the feel of the place.

Simon ParrishSlightly closer to London, Simon Parrish (BA Historical Studies, 1997) hopes to meet alumni from different walks of life in Stockholm, having moved to Sweden recently with his family.

Alumni gatherings will also be taking place for the first time in Jakarta, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro. And we will be returning to many of the cities we visited last year – if you missed out last time, look out for details of this year’s events!

There is still time to register interest in becoming an ambassador and hosting an event where you are. Get in touch by Monday, 1 February to take part.

See our full list of ambassador profiles.

2 thoughts on “Last chance to host an event where you are

  1. I’m interested in hosting an event in Bangkok. I was living in chicago last year and went to one. We have many goldsmiths alumni in Thailand and I think now this year we will benefit Asian gathering too. Please let me know if this is possible.


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