In Memoriam: Elena Mourdjis

graduation day pic

Elena Mourdjis graduated from Goldsmiths with a 2:1 BA in Design on 13 September 2013. Her achievements include:

February 2014: Worked for Technology Will Save Us, a company that makes DIY gadget kits, and represented them at a Qatar fair in November 2014.

April 2015: Completed a three-month course at Shillington College in Graphic Design. On completion, she was commissioned by Southwark Council to compile posters for their Domestic Violence awareness campaign.

November 2015-17: Employed by London-based agency, Otherway, and among the many projects, she designed graphics for Pizza Express’s advertising campaign and Fortnum and Mason’s jam jar labels.

2017: Set up her own graphics design company, Filo Designs, with clientele including Wardour Designs.

2018: Started work with health food company, Plenish, as their product brand designer.

Elena passed away on 25 September 2018. She was an exceptionally talented, bright young woman, loving to her family and friends, always with a smile. She will be sorely missed.

Written by Harry Mourdjis

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